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Society of Addiction Psychology Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

SoAP Box: 
Diversity Science Spotlight

Summer 2021

We are deeply saddened by the recent horrific killings of Asian Americans in Atlanta, Indianapolis, and elsewhere. We likewise are greatly concerned about the dramatic increase of hate crimes and violence towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across North America and beyond. We are aware that these alarming trends are in the context of longstanding anti-Asian racism, discrimination, and xenophobia within North America and elsewhere. We strongly condemn anti-Asian racism, alongside all forms of racism, discrimination, and violence towards Black, Indigenous, Latinx, immigrant, sexual/gender minority communities, religious minorities, and other vulnerable or marginalized populations. We realize that actions speak louder than words. Our Executive Board has been working closely with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI) on several initiatives that aim to strengthen the field of addiction psychology by increasing the diversity of clinicians and researchers from underrepresented backgrounds, including retention strategies. We have also been working on supporting the DEI committee in honoring and recognizing research focused on diversity, equity and social justice, particularly by students from historically underrepresented backgrounds, and/or whose research benefits marginalized communities and amplifies their voices in addiction psychology. We commit to doing all we can in supporting our fellow researchers and clinicians to commit to anti-racist practices, and we call on the broader society to enact policies to combat systemic racism and promote inclusiveness and equity among all.

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