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Clinical Pearls: Bridging the Science to Practice Gap

Evidence-based treatments are available yet there can be unexpected issues that make it difficult to implement. Needed are first person clinician accounts describing the challenges they experienced in delivering treatment to individuals with substance abuse problems and how they addressed them. These short, peer-reviewed pieces, written by experienced clinicians that include addiction psychologists, present important clinical insights on how counselors working with addictions think, and how patients may respond, in treatment. We hope that these interesting and informative behind-the-scenes reports are helpful and welcome your input.


Changing Addictive Behaviors using ACT Processes by Nancy A. Haug

Between-Session Skills Practice in Substance Use Disorder Treatment by Paul Stasiewicz

Exploring Benefits of Addictive Behaviors with Clients by Robert Schwebel

Introducing 12-Step Programs in Psychotherapy by Mark Schenker

Getting Smart about SMART Recovery by Corey M. Monley


We welcome new submissions. Download the instructions on submitting a new Clinical Pearl and send your submission to the Outreach & Dissemination Committee (

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