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Submit your application for the position of SoAP Box Editor!

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Summer 2020

Get More Involved in Division 50!
Submit your application for the position of SoAP Box Editor!

It’s that time again! The Board is recruiting for a new editor to take over The SoAP Box from Dana Litt in Fall 2021. If you are early- to mid-career and want to get more involved in the SoAP, this is a great opportunity to flex your organizational, management, and creative muscles.

You’ll enjoy working with outstanding students, early-career colleagues, SoAP professionals, and fellow brainiacs. Good communication, proofreading skills, and creativity are a must (and these are sure to improve in this position)!

With the new online format of the SoAP Box, the requirements for formatting and layout are mostly minimal— just have some confidence that you know what looks good and what doesn’t! All in all, this is a really wonderful opportunity to play a role in the SoAP and to work with some remarkable people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

In accordance with the SoAP policy and procedures, applicants will be reviewed and selected by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in being a candidate for the position of SoAP Box editor, please email a brief letter of interest and Curriculum Vitae to the SoAP President-Elect, Joel Grube (, and Dana Litt (

A candidate will be chosen by Fall/Winter 2020 so that the new editor can work with Dana Litt on the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 issues and be prepared to take over in Fall/Winter 2021. Feel free to contact Dana Litt at if you would like more information about the position.

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