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SoAP Box Sound Bites: How has COVID-19 impacted your addictions related research, clinical practice, and/or teaching?

SoAP Box: 
SoAP Box Sound Bites

Summer 2020

How has COVID-19 impacted your addictions related research, clinical practice, and/or teaching?

Nicole M. Sell, PhD
University of Buffalo 

I am fortunate in that all aspects of my research can be done remotely, and I have a nice home office setup in a distraction-free environment. Without a daily commute, I have had more time and energy to write and have noticed an increase in my productivity.



Norman Hoffmann, PhD
Affiliate Professor of Psychology
Western Carolina University
Founder, Evince Diagnostics, LLC

We are doing research on prevalence and correlates of behavioral health conditions among jail inmates using the CAAPE-5, a structured interview. Access to inmates has become very limited because visitors (e.g., research assistants) in many jails are restricted because of the COVID-19 pandemic to essential visitors, such as inmates’ lawyers.



Cassidy LoParco, BS
University of North Texas Health Science Center

In response to COVID-19, our ecological momentary assessment project, led by Dr. Melissa Lewis, had to consider how quarantine may affect drinking habits and contextual factors. Accordingly, we have included several items to account for this, such as if participants left the house that day or drank while video chatting friends.



Anne Fairlie, PhD
University of Washington

My advanced undergraduate statistics course underwent a swift restructuring as I determined which online tools to implement. I adapted assignments to ease students’ stress and highlight central concepts. As I reflect on all that I learned, I hope students gained statistical knowledge and potentially an awareness of their own resiliency.



Tracey Garcia, PhD
Murray State University

COVID-19 affected my research—many of the projects I work on examine alcohol use and norms. COVID-19 led to material adaptation for changing social climates and tracking potential shifts in behavior/norms from social distancing and closing public spaces. Thus, re-conceptualizations occur across projects (e.g., is the drinking solitary if the person is alone at home, but drinking virtually with others?). 

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