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Show and Tell

SoAP Box: 
Show and Tell

Summer 2020

Norman Hoffmann, PhD & Kirk Bowden, PhD

Norman Hoffmann, PhD
Affiliate Professor of Psychology
Western Carolina University
Founder, Evince Diagnostics, LLC

With the COVID-19 pandemic, county jails are limiting researchers’ access to jail populations. However, federal regulations require medical and other health-related assessment of those booked into detention facilities by nurses or other medical personnel. Our newly developed online behavioral health assessments, such as the CAAPE-5, enable a nurse or other medical staff person to administer the interview even if he, or she, has no expertise in addictions or mental health. The online system presents the questions to be asked one at a time along with response options. Once the interview is completed the staff person can download a report of findings for review by an appropriately credentialed professional. A de-identified file with identification only for the facility is automatically saved for analyses and production of aggregated reports for the facility. Given appropriate IRB clearances and procedures in the jail, sequential ID codes in the de-identified file can be linked to other jail data for research purposes. This arrangement facilitates both meeting mandated clinical requirements and the ability of researchers to obtain necessary data.

Kirk Bowden, PhD
Rio Salado College

Dr. Kirk Bowden was recently awarded Fellow Status in the Western Psychological Association (WPA). Kirk was to be honored as a new Fellow at a ceremony at the WPA Annual Conference on May 1st in San Francisco. The WPA Conference was postponed due to COVID-19. Dr. Bowden serves on the WPA Council of Representatives. 

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